Hegen 2oz /60ml Baby Bottle with Extra Slow Flow Teat


What's Included:

ONE Hegen PCTO™ 6oml/2oz Feeding Bottle PPSU 

ONE  Extra Slow Flow Teat

Hegen PCTO™ 60ml/2oz Feeding Bottle PPSU doubles up as a colostrum collector in the first few days of milk production and the weeks that Mommy is establishing her milk flow. It comes with an extra slow flow teat that is ideal for premature or low birth weight babies who are still learning to coordinate suckling and swallowing, or have other physical challenges. The 2oz container is also the perfect size for storing and feeding your little one with 1 serving of soft food when he/she is ready for solids. 

Create the best feeding experience with your baby by using one of our Hegen baby bottles. Five main components (collar, seal, teat, container, & cap) that you & your baby will love.

We enhance the experience by ensuring that the nipple is off center and elongated so that it could mimic a mother's breast. The positioning of the nipple also helps reduce gas & back flow along with additional help from our anti colic vents. 

These stackable square baby bottles not only saves counter space but are wide opening for easy cleaning along with a no screw lid - just simply press to close & twist to open! Click on "Baby Bottle Features" to learn more.  Don't forget to check out our other accessories so that you can express, store, AND feed all in one container.

No messy transfers - cherish every drop. 

Creating the best experience for baby

  • Off center nipple to mimic mother’s breast
  • Elongated nipple requires tongue movement
  • Balancing the bottle stimulates baby’s brain
  • Position of nipple reduces gas and backflow
  • Anti-colic vent

Ease of use for parents

  • One container used to express, store and feed--no spills & zero waste!
  • No-screw lids: Press to close, twist to open
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Interlocking storage lids
  • Stackable square design
  • Adaptable containers for continued use (grows with your baby!)

More great features

  • Highest amount of PPSU in the market
  • Air venting bypasses milk preventing oxidation and minimizing air bubbles
  • No artificial pigments or coloring added to materials

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