Single Feeding with Storage Bundle

    $25.95 $33

    *Bundles cannot be returned separately. All Bundles must be returned with all bundled items.

    How to Order:

    Click from each dropdown to select the item of your choice. Once completed, you will see the price of the bundle in red. All products selected are pre-packaged separately. 


    When choosing 2 units of the 5oz Breast Milk Containers, these 2 units come individually packaged. This bundle curating page is meant for only single feeding bottles. 


    8oz Feeding Bottle & 5oz Breast Milk Container in 2 units is chosen. 

    Package will include:

    • 1 unit of 8oz Feeding Bottle
    • 2 unit of 5oz Breast Milk Container

    Step 1: Choose your Feeding Bottle size We have 5oz, 8oz, or 11oz. Depending on your need, choose the bottle size you'd like.

    Step 2: Choose the number of units of a 5oz breast milk container you'd like to bundle with your single feeding bottle. You can bundle one unit with it or two unit.

    Step 3: All set to add to cart!

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