Multipack Bundle Curating For Slow Flow Nipples

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    How to Order:

    Click from the second dropdown to select the number of units you would like in our Pack Size section. Once completed, you will see the price of the bundle in red. All products selected are pre-packaged separately. 


    Each individually packaged nipple flow rate comes in pairs. Please keep this in mind when choosing your Pack Size.


    Slow Flow Nipple Flow Rate & 3 Pack

    Package will include:

    • 3 units of Slow Flow Nipple (each unit comes in a set of 2 so you will end up with 6 pair of nipples)

    Step 1: Nipple Flow Rate is preset. The title of this product will let you know which nipple size you are on. The first image will also let you know as well. For this product page, we have the Slow Flow Nipple.

    Step 2: Choose the number of units you would like to bundle together!

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