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About Hegen

Empowerment Through Enjoyment on Your Breastfeeding Journey

We believe that life is to be celebrated and breastfeeding should bring delight and fulfillment.

Hegen is an award-winning brand that champions motherhood, breastfeeding, and all the joys in between. 

You Are a Champion

Motherhood is no easy feat. There is immense joy in witnessing life through newborn eyes and discovering a newer (and stronger) version of yourself.

You are conquering fears, adapting to changes, and nurturing lives. That is deserving of a gold medal in our book.

Hegen’s founder, Yvon Bock, recognized this victory in motherhood and sought a way to pay her achievements forward.

As a mother of four who successfully breastfed for 10 years, Yvon experienced all the highs and lows that come with the role and wanted to advocate for mothers like you, who are walking a similar path. 

Yvon created these products (which she wishes she had while caring for her babies) in hopes to support and promote the indescribable bond created through breastfeeding and the countless benefits for both baby and mom. 

You are conquering fears, adapting to changes, and nurturing lives. That is deserving of a gold medal in our book.

Empowerment Through Enjoyment

It is no secret that breastfeeding, while incredibly rewarding, poses many challenges.

You are met with an influx of questions and worries (many of which are solved with a sleepy, late-night Google search).

You are not alone in your world of newness as this is a normal part of parenthood.  

Women everywhere share in the struggle to balance the demands of life and the magic of motherhood. The desire to breastfeed is accompanied by many unknowns, but they are no match for your tenacity and instinct. 

Hegen wants to work with women to overcome common challenges faced by many moms. Bottles are just a first start toward that goal. 

No matter your circumstances, breastfeeding should be a source of enjoyment and connection with your baby. The life you have created and are sustaining is a beautiful miracle. Every spare moment deserves splendor. 

Hegen strives to foster comfort and convenience through well-designed products that enrich each mother’s breastfeeding experience and unite a community of hopeful homes.

Celebrate Life

Our name is derived from part of a German idiom - “hegen und pflegen” - which means “to cherish and nurture with care.” It reflects our belief in making a positive impact on the world through our contributions to each family we serve and the industry we develop. 

From form to function, we do everything with mothers in mind. Our designs are simple and practical, lending themselves to less fuss and more memories for families everywhere. Time saved assembling or washing bottles can be spent nurturing your little ones and bonding as a family. 

It is our hope for all mothers and fathers to enjoy the journey of parenthood while remaining confident and assured. Each product we design aims to improve life for parents through simplicity and practicality - a great approach to life in general. 

Being freed of menial stressors opens up opportunities to be more present and cherish nature’s gift. At Hegen, we’re here to help you celebrate life.

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You can be a part of a community that shares the best parenting advice in a judgement-free place. Celebrate life with us!

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