Hegen is built as a brand on a mission to empower women on the journey of motherhood.

    Our goal is to truly celebrate the breastfeeding mom and that starts with the innovative and beautiful design of or products.

    The name Hegen draws from part of a German idiom, hegen und pflegen, which loosely translates to “what you hunt, you must farm; what you eat, you must crop”.

    It reflects our belief in creating a positive impact and contribution to both our customers and the global motherhood community as a whole in everything that we do. 

    From our product designs to community projects, we are here to improve and make a positive difference to breastfeeding mothers all over the world.

    And because our products are renowned for their precision engineering and product reliability, our name also speaks to our design ethos and philosophy to be simple, practical and innovative.

    The celebration of breastfeeding and the mother/baby relationship is at the heart of all that we do and every product we create.

    “Having successfully breastfed for a decade, I wanted to pay it forward,” says mother of 4 and Hegen founder Yvon Bock.

    The goal will always be to empower other mothers while they nurture new lives. After learning out of 95% of mothers who initiate breastfeeding, only 21% of them sustained this for six months or more! 

    Yvon knew there was a better way to improve this critical step in infant development adding, “Harnessing my background in design and manufacturing, how better to help other working moms like myself than through design, and transform the experience of breastfeeding into a more hassle free experience — in other words, enabling other women to enjoy the journey”

    Today’s society expects so much from mothers, and those mothers deliver as modern day superheroes.

    Women can rely on Hegen to provide the right products to support a hectic lifestyle and support a continued breastfeeding relationship for as long as they desire.

    Beyond a mere mission to sell bottles, we have zoned in on the pain points to ease the journey of breastfeeding and create the enriching maternal experience all mothers deserve.

    The backbone of this support is innovative design that goes far beyond aesthetics of gorgeous looking colors or unique shapes to stand out from the crowd.

    Our flagship product is the Hegen Press-to-Close, Twist-to-OpenTM (PCTOTM) Express-Store-Feed system.

    We know mothers are typically short on time and on free hands so the PCTO design has this in mind and centers on ease of use.

    The unique and ergonomic square design featuring interlocking lids makes for easy storage and portability.

    This versatile product allows for a single container to be used to express, store and feed—-and eliminates the risk of spilling any of that liquid gold.

    The beauty is in the details for Hegen products, the colored lids are a combination of fashion and function, not just aesthetically pleasing but also used to color code breast milk from different times of the day.

    At Hegen, our mission is to champion breastfeeding, empower mothers, and celebrate life.