Hegen Express Store Feed Gift Set


What's included:

TWO Hegen PCTO™ 150ml/5oz Feeding Bottles PPSU with Slow Flow Teats

TWO Hegen PCTO™ 240ml/8oz Feeding Bottles PPSU with Medium Flow Teats

FOUR Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Lids White

FOUR Hegen Seals

ONE Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Module

Remember how you keep reading about Express-Store-Feed? Well this gift set is the definition of it! Start your feeding journey with this gift set so that everything single drop of your precious nutrients will count. First step is to attach the breast pump to express directly into our Hegen containers. Once you are all set, swap the breast pump with one of the storage lids available to convert that container into an air-tight storage which you can put directly in the fridge. Once your little one is ready to fill their tummies, reheat the container to a desired temperature and then change the storage lid to our collar & teat to feed. Every step of the way, your breast milk is still in the same container - minimizing wastage and oxidation along the way. 

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