Creating the best experience for baby

    • Off center nipple to mimic mother’s breast
    • Elongated nipple requires tongue movement
    • Balancing the bottle stimulates baby’s brain
    • Position of nipple reduces gas and backflow
    • Anti-colic vent

    Ease of use for parents

    • One container used to express, store and feed--no spills & zero waste!
    • No-screw lids: Press to close, twist to open
    • Wide opening for easy cleaning
    • Interlocking storage lids
    • Stackable square design
    • Adaptable containers for continued use (grows with your baby!)

    More great features

    • Highest amount of PPSU in the market
    • Air venting bypasses milk preventing oxidation and minimizing air bubbles
    • No artificial pigments or coloring added to materials