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Article: Hegen Baby Bottles vs. MAM Baby Bottles

Hegen Baby Bottles vs. MAM Baby Bottles -

Hegen Baby Bottles vs. MAM Baby Bottles

Baby bottles can be the most important product when the newborn baby arrives.

For many reasons, the mother may not be able to breastfeed her own child. This is when a baby bottle is crucial to development, growth, and health of an infant.

We at Hegen want to help you make the best decision for the newborn baby. We will start with introducing some information about the importance of breastfeeding, and how certain bottles are more appropriately adapted for feeding an infant.

Some bottles are inherently better than others, depending on the needs of the mother and the child. Our hope is that you are able to make a more informed decision after reading our article. Let's get started!

The Importance of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is healthy for both the mother and the child. Of course, there are instances where mothers are unable to breastfeed, but the purpose of this section is to draw attention to the qualities of breastfeeding that should be inherent in the baby bottles.

Milk Temperature and Sanitation

Milk must be at a certain temperature in order for the infant to receive it. Too cold and the child will be uncomfortable.

Conversely, too warm and the child might get sick. A good bottle will be able to keep the formula at the appropriate temperature throughout the time that the child is drinking the milk.

It is very important that the milk be clean and free harmful chemicals. Breastfeeding helps ensure that the milk is safe, but a good bottle can also do a great job at protecting the milk. It is best to look for bottles that are made out of food grade materials.

Easy Digestion

Babies can sometimes have a difficult time digesting their food, even if it is milk. Breastfeeding is designed to where just enough milk is released so as not to choke the child, or make the child suckle too hard.

Of course, there are exceptions. That being said, a good baby bottle will properly mimic the rate at which milk is released, and be shaped in a way that the child can comfortably 'latch on.'

When looking for a good bottle, you want to make sure that you have a decent understanding the nature and intricacies of breastfeeding.

A good bottle should provide the baby with as similar an experience as possible to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding versus Bottle Feeding

Setting aside the differences in breast milk and formula, bottle feeding is still a safe and healthy option for nourishing an infant.

Some women even pump enough milk for a couple feedings, and then feed the child out of a bottle.

While breastfeeding provides important skin-to-skin contact and a natural bonding time for mother and child, a bottle can be more conducive to a busy schedule and the mother's physical pain and discomfort.

Therefore it is not at all a bad thing to feed the child with a bottle if that is what the mother needs to do.

Overview of the Hegen Baby Bottle and the MAM Baby Bottle

We feel that our product is the best product for mothers who want to feed their child out of a bottle for many reasons, but we also appreciate the fact that mothers know what is best for their child.

For these reasons, we are now going to describe both the Hegen baby bottle and the MAM baby bottle so that mothers can make more informed decisions. We will then compare the two bottles more closely.

Hegen Baby Bottle

Hegen strives to honor the special bond that is between mothers and infants, which is often strengthened through the act of breastfeeding.

Therefore, Hegen makes bottles that celebrates this special relationship, and makes breastfeeding a more enjoyable experience for mothers.

Our bottles are unique and ergonomic in design, making for easy portability and storage.

The lids are created so prevent spills, and are also color coded to help mothers more easily differentiate the milk set aside for different times of the day.

The Hegen Baby Bottle allows mothers to express, store, and feed, all in one container bottle.

The bottle has interchangeable adapters, collars, and storage lids, making it easier to store and use on a daily basis. The nipple is elliptical-shaped, long, and off-centered, which very closely resembles the natural shape of the mother's breast and encourages proper drinking habits.

This helps the child to latch onto the bottle, and aids in minimizing any confusion that might occur when switching from breast to bottle to breastfeeding again. The lid is revolutionary in its PCTO tm design (Press-to-Close and Twist-to-Open), in that it easily snaps on with the use of one hand.

The mother twists the lid off. The makes for hassle-free handling, and minimizes the risks of spillage. The bottle itself is a soft square design and made out of safe materials.

The shape makes it easier for babies to hold, and also keeps the bottle from rolling away when it gets dropped.

The bottles are stackable, and the unique square shaped design makes for better storage in fridges and freezers, and even in the mother's bag. The bottle is engineered with an anti-colic air vent system, which means that the air venting bypasses the milk.

This bypass minimizes the formation of air bubbles, the oxidation of precious nutrients, and reduces any unwanted air intake. Cleaning is very easy because of its wide opening, smooth interior surface area, and minimal parts. It is also heat and dishwasher safe.

Finally, the snap-on interconnecting storage lids makes it possible for containers to bind together. Now the bottles are much more than just bottles: they are an organized milk storage system.

MAM Baby Bottle

MAM Baby has quite an elaborate history on how it became to be the business it is today, offering many different types of products to mothers who live all across the globe. We have picked out two different bottles:

  • Easy Active 11oz Baby Bottle
  • Easy Start Anti-Colic 9oz Baby Bottle

The Easy Active 11oz Baby Bottle is a BPA-free, and has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning.

It also comes with a Fast Flow nipple, and a removable plastic cap which can help to keep the nipple clean when the bottle is not in use. You can purchase this bottle in a single or double pack.

The lid is designed to be spill-proof and to protect the contents of the bottle from dirt.

It doubles as a measuring cup. Made from silicone, ergonomic, and spill-free, the bottle is ideal for the baby's mouth and independent drinking attempts.

The Easy Start Anti-Colic 9oz Baby Bottle is also BPA-free. Three minutes in the microwave is enough to sterilize the bottle. It features a wide opening, and only has five parts, which makes for easier cleaning.

The Ultra Soft MAM Silicone Nipple is designed to create an easy transition for both child and mother as they transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The lid is spill-proof and protects the contents from dirt, and can also double as a measuring cup.

This bottle also features a base ventilation system, which creates a smoother milk flow. This is to reduce the amount of air that is swallowed by the baby, in order to help prevent gas and burping.

The bottle comes with both a slow flow nipple and a removable plastic cap. The cap is designed to keep the nipple clean when the bottle is not being used. The bottle is available in a single, double, or triple pack.

Close Comparison of the Hegen Baby Bottle and the MAM Baby Bottle

The Hegen Baby Bottle is focused entirely on preserving the experience that is shared between mother and child.

The bottle's design, and the intention in which it is built, is full of knowledge, love, and understanding for the special bond that occurs between mother and infant.

Our bottles are simply a tangible result of our compassion for making the breastfeeding experience a positive one for both new and experienced mothers alike.

The Hegen Baby Bottle is designed with the ease and comfort of both the mother and child in mind, and utilizes only the best materials in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all who are involved.

Said with all the best intentions, MAM Baby Bottles are designed with good materials, but perhaps lacks the deeper knowledge and intuition that is necessary in order to provide a great product.


We strongly feel that our baby bottle at Hegen is the best option you can find. We are aware of the special bond between mother and child, and of how important it is to respect, honor, and preserve that special bond.

It can be difficult for a mother to switch from breast to bottle feeding, or not breastfeed altogether. Therefore, a good bottle is so valuable in both setting the mother's mind at ease, and ensuring that the child is getting what he/she needs, too.

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