Hegen Essentials Starter Kit


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    What's included:

    ONE Hegen PCTO™ 5oz/150ml Feeding Bottles PPSU with Slow Flow Nipples

    ONE Hegen PCTO™ 8oz/240ml Feeding Bottles PPSU with Medium Flow Nipples

    ONE Hegen PCTO™ 2oz/60ml Feeding Bottle PPSU with Extra Slow Flow Nipples

    ONE Hegen PCTO™ 5oz/150ml PPSU Container with Spout & Food Storage Converter

    THREE Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Lids White with Seals

    Makes a perfect baby shower gift for you or your loved ones! Start the feeding journey prepared with the Essential Starter gift set from Hegen. Express breast milk into the containers and store using the included storage lids. When you’re ready, remove the storage lid and replace with a collar and nipple. Never waste a precious drop! 


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