Hegen Nipple Slow Flow - 2 PACK


What's included:

TWO Hegen Nipple Slow Flow

Our various size nipples adapt to your baby’s changing feeding needs from slow to medium and fast. We also offer a specific thick feed nipple when adding rice powder or cereal. Our design includes an elongated nipple to mimic a mother’s breast and minimize nipple confusion, this requires the baby to use the tongue rather than suck just as when feeding from the breast. The nipple is positioned off-center to promote upright feeding and reduces back flow. The anti-colic vent prevents air bubbles leading to comfort for baby and preserving precious nutrients in the breast milk.

*Hegen Nipples are marked with "1/2/3/Y" embossing to indicate slow flow/medium flow/fast flow/thick feed respectively.


Remove the cover: with the Hegen logo facing you push away from you to open and remove cover

Insert the nipple: Face anti-colic vent toward you and line up with the Hegen logo in collar. Place the collar over the nipple and pull nipple upwards through the collar to secure in place. The nipple will fit snugly into the collar.

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