Hegen Manual Breast Pump


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    What's included:

    ONE Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Module

    The Hegen Manual Breast Pump is designed for comfort and efficiency. When combined with Hegen bottles and lids, it completes a smooth express-store-feed transition with minimal wastage and loss of your precious milk, making every drop count
    Manual Breast Pump attached to bottle with four areas highlighted

    Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump

    Manual Breast Pump attachment

    1. Super Lightweight

    At just 75mg / 0.16lb, the manual pump is super compact and lightweight, perfect for moms to bring along wherever they go. 

    Two fingers on pump lever of manual breast pump

    2. Single-Handed Operation

    Designed to be operated with just 1 hand, the manual pump can help you express and clear your milk ducts efficiently and quickly. 

    Zoom into Flange

    3. Gentler on Breast & Nipple

    Our unique flange design makes pumping gentler on your nipple without any tugging during expression. Pumping should not hurt!

    Three different tops pointing to container

    4. No Wastage & Contamination

    Express, store and feed within a single container. Bottles can be easily converted into breast milk storage without transfer of milk. This minimizes wastage, making every drop count. 

    Express Store Feed attachment for bottle

    Express-Store-Feed in just one bottle

    The award-winning Express-Store-Feed system reimagines the milk bottle in a practical way while remaining efficient, simple and functional. Simply swap pump module, feeding collars or storage lids to express, store and feed within a single container, with no wasteful transfer of milk. By minimizing transfer between containers, the integrity of your precious liquid gold is maintained and well-protected.

    Pump comfortably at your preferred intensity

    With the manual pump, you are fully in control of the pressure applied, which allows you to get your breasts used to the pumping sensation - especially important if you are new to pumping. Check out the video to see how you can easily adjust the intensity of your pumps. 

    Flange design zoom in

    Unique flange design for a comfortable fit

    Hegen's flanges are designed with a unique concave shaped tunnel so it is gentler on the nipples, making it a more comfortable pumping experience. This gradual taper design allows for a good fit on a range of nipple sizes - 2.1cm / 21mm  to 2.4cm / 24mm. Download our flange guide to find how to get a good fit. 

    Effectively empties the breasts and helps to stimulate milk supply

    The Hegen manual pump is effective in emptying the breasts to avoid and relieve blocked ducts. The ability to manage the amount of pressure applied allows moms to have better control in determining the most comfortable suction level as pumping should not hurt. Moms are also encouraged to pump for an additional 15mins after every latch to fully clear the milk ducts and to stimulate more milk supply. 

    Woman putting manual breast pump attachment on bottle

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