A Sincere Invitation to the Hegen Community

    We would like to start off with a few questions for our readers, followers and people learning about Hegen for the first time:

    1. Does breastfeeding in general worry you?
    2. Are you worried about being able to keep up with your breastfeeding schedule?
    3. Does feeding time worry you?

    As a mother of 4, I have been on a mission to ease the worries of mothers everywhere. 

    By building and cultivating the Hegen brand, I wanted to accomplish:

    • Solving problems that come with feeding time
    • Getting mothers to embrace the beauty and benefits of breastfeeding
    • The creation of a product line that grows with you on your motherhood journey

    The best way to approach these issues was to lead with innovative design.

    I won't get into too many details about the design or our brand story which I will link to at the bottom of this post but I would like to take the time of what you can expect as a reader of our Hegen Blog and as a member of the Hegen community. 

    Questions Answered

    On our social media pages, mainly Facebook and Instagram, we invite you to get involved in our discussions. What types of breastfeeding challenges are you facing? Which types of food have helped you recover? What have you done to get a better night's sleep?

    We can provide helpful answers but the power of the community and everyone within it contributing their unique journeys will be even more helpful. 

    I want to build an awesome culture of helping!

    Your Stories

    As I mentioned above, each mother has a one-of-a-kind journey. Each one is beautifully unique. 

    We would love to hear them, feature them, and be inspired by them.

    Please reach out to us!

    Let's Grow Together

    I'm very excited to get things started and looking forward to hearing about your motherhood journey. 

    Let's start with introductions in the comments below!

    Read more about Hegen's design or our brand story

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